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Are you ready to set off in search of a land that will touch all your senses? The Hotel Borgo dei Pescatori is situated in Gallura, the heart of a fascinating and historically rich coastline: within a few kilometres, you will find some of the most famous beaches on the island, all of which are easily reachable via the coast road.

If the sea isn’t enough for you, this region of Sardinia will enchant you with its testimonies to ancient cultures and with the natural wonders of an unspoiled region that is waiting to be explored.

  • Vignola Mare - Aglientu

    Vignola Mare Beach

    distance 1.5 km

    A long stretch of fine golden sand, just a few hundred metres from Vignola Mare and the Hotel Borgo dei Pescatori, easily reachable via a shuttle service. The beach is separated into two different areas, Rena Bedda and La Tura, set in the shadow of the Aragonese tower that rises above the Bay of Vignola. Clear, limpid waters and a breath-taking seabed make this a paradise for snorkelers and when the wind is up, this is an ideal area for sailing, windsurfing and kite-surfing too.

  • Vignola Mare - Aglientu

    Monti Russi Beach

    distance 7 km

    Situated close to the western promontory of the Bay of Vignola, the Monti Russu beach is also known by the name of della Piana beach. Famous for the quality of its fine white sand, Monti Russu is a small crescent shaped cove which has been divided in half by impressive granite formations. Official environmental bodies have recognised this as one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Italy, thanks also to the spectacular wild Mediterranean scenery that surrounds it with fabulous sand dunes where juniper and eucalyptus grow.

  • Vignola Mare - Aglientu

    Rena Majore Beach

    distance 12 km

    Another of Gallura’s gems: clean white sand is dotted with rocks and granite mounds, the gently sloping sandy backdrop provides an ideal location for having fun in complete safety with a lush pine forest that provides shelter from the sun at the hottest hours of the day. The Rena Majori Beach can provide everything you could need in order to provide an unforgettable experience. Being situated on a wild and secluded stretch of coastline, at Rena Majori you can enjoy maximum relaxation even in the month of August and at other popular times of the year.

  • Santa Teresa di Gallura

    Capo Testa

    distance 19 km

    The beaches at Capo Testa are justifiably considered to be amongst the principle natural attractions of Gallura and of northern Sardinia in general. The Cape is a small peninsula that heads out towards the sea separating Sardinia from Corsica, the Strait of Bonifacio which is connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus. Valle della Luna, Cala Grande, Cala di l’Ea are just some of the famous coves of Capo Testa and seeing them appear after a brief stroll through the lush Mediterranean greenery is a wonder that you will want to repeat time and time again.

  • Aglientu

    Nuraghe Tuttusoni

    distance 5 km

    It’s not just Mother Nature that makes Sardinia an exciting place to visit. History has also left its mark in this area of the Mediterranean which is characterised by the alternating civilisations of many millennia and it is still possible today to admire the vestiges of what remains of this history. Nuraghe Tuttusoni is one of the 7000 or so towers with a truncated conical body that are scattered across the island and which were built from the middle of the 2nd millennium BC either as somewhere to live or as a defence against invaders. Visiting this site is one of the best ways to really get in touch with the natural world of Sardinia, the cradle of ancient and mysterious cultures that have become extinct over the centuries.

  • Trinità d'Agultu

    Cala Sarraina

    distance 7 km

    This is a small gem that has been dug out from under the waves in pink granite and is surrounded by rocks that seem to catch fire at sunset with a blaze of colours that range from pink to orange and finally to red. At Cala Sarraina you will also find everything you need which makes the beaches of Sardinia unmistakeable: a deeply sloping seabed, water the colour of aquamarines and gentle rolling hills from which you can inhale the scent of the nearby Mediterranean scrub.



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